The person whose identifying information has been filled in online from the relevant web page and the accuracy of the information has been declared and committed.

1.3. The Customer(s) who do not have a signature in the Distance Service Sales Agreement but participate in the service subject to the agreement will be deemed to have accepted and committed to the provisions of the agreement and will be deemed to have read/signed the Preliminary Information Form when the Customer(s) they have assigned to register on their behalf read and sign this agreement.

2.1. The subject of this agreement covers the rights and obligations of the parties regarding the performance and payment method of the service, which the Agency sells to the Customer on its own website, www.carringtonholidays.com, in the electronic environment, approved by the Customer by reading and marking the specified qualifications and price.
2.2. The service subject to the contract is the accommodation service that allows the Customer to take a vacation in the immovable property approved by reading and marking the qualifications and sales price. He declares that he has read and learned all the preliminary information regarding the scope, qualifications, sales price and payment method of this service and gives the necessary confirmation in electronic environment. (The immovable subject to the accommodation service will be referred to as the “House” hereinafter.)
2.3. The customer will stay between the dates marked on the site and in the marked and specified House.

3.1. The Customer is required to pay the total fee specified in the link to be sent to him, by marking the date ranges over the prices specified for the House offered on the website www.carringtonholidays.com, where he can view and read the images and all the detailed information.
3.1.a. The Customer shall deposit the PREPAID amount specified in the link sent to him/her to the Agency’s own bank account as specified by the Agency on the relevant site. The amount that is liable to be invoiced by the agency is equal to this amount.
3.2. The Customer is responsible for depositing the remaining payment into the bank account to be specified by the Host upon entering the House. At the entrance to the House, the specified amount of deposit is paid to the relevant person or the Host. As long as there is no damage, this payment is returned to the Customer exactly at the exit. If the damage exceeds the fee stated above, the Host or the Agent reserves the right to demand this fee from the customer.

4.1. If he cancels his reservation due to unforeseen and undesirable circumstances, he must notify the Agency of the situation at least 30 days before the date of entry to the House. In this case, the reservation fee paid to the Agency will not be refunded.
4.2. If the customer makes a cancellation notice between 15 and 29 days before the start of the stay, he is obliged to pay 50% of the remaining total accommodation fee of the House.
4.3. If the customer makes a cancellation notice between 1 and 14 days before the start of the stay or cancels his holiday without any notification, he is obliged to pay 100% of the remaining total accommodation fee of the House.
5.1. This contract covers the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 6502 and the Regulation on Distance Contracts enacted based on this law.

5.2. Although this contract is deemed to have been signed online by the parties, it has been decided that the parties will print the contract in order to read it again.
5.3. In case of a dispute, the Kyrenia Court and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve the dispute.




Thank you for booking your holiday with Carrington. Your requested dates will be held for 7 days  pending receipt of your 25% booking deposit.

Payment of the deposit constitutes your acceptance of  our booking terms below.


Payment Schedule


Non-refundable booking deposit within 7 days of  booking 25% of total rental fee
8 weeks before arrival date Remaining balance
On arrival  Refundable Security Deposit of £250 in cash*



Security Deposit

*Please note that we cannot accept payment of security deposits by bank transfer or by credit card. This  must be paid in cash on arrival. We can accept cash payment in GBP, EUR, USD or TRY. Following a  satisfactory exit inspection on departure, the security deposit will be returned to you in cash.  Cancellation: between 8 and 4 weeks before date of arrival, 50% of the total rental fee paid will be  refunded. Within 4 weeks of arrival, no refund will be made.


Banking  Details




NAME: Carrington Property Development Ltd BANK: HALK BANKASI 

ADDRESS: Barbaros Mahallesi Şebboy Sk. No. 4  Ataşehir / Istanbul / Turkiye 


ACC NUMBER: 55100118 


IBAN: TR150001200121800055100118

NAME: Carrington Property Development Ltd BANK: HALK BANKASI 

ADDRESS: Barbaros Mahallesi Şebboy Sk. No. 4  Ataşehir / Istanbul / Turkiye 


ACC NUMBER: 58100129 


IBAN: TR530001200121800058100129



Please ensure all bank charges are paid, so that we receive the full amount and use your surname and  arrival date as the reference for your remittance.



What’s included?



You will find the property well stocked with essential items. The property will be thoroughly  cleaned prior to your arrival and enough sets of fresh bed linen and bath towels will be provided for  the duration of your stay. However, for the pool and the beach, we ask you to please bring your  own beach towels. The internet, electric and water consumption in the property is included in the price.




Exit cleaning and laundry following your departure is included, but we would appreciate it if you  could please help the cleaners by piling up laundry, emptying the bins etc. We have found that most  guests prefer not to have a cleaner interrupting their holiday, but if you would like to book any mid stay cleaning / bed changing, then this must be requested in advance and would be at extra cost. 




The following allowance is included in the rental fee:

Apartments: 200 units per week. 

Villas / Bungalows: 300 units per week.

Meter readings will be taken at the beginning and end of your stay. Excess usage will be charged at  4.50 TL per unit. 




The following allowance is included in the rental fee:

Apartments: up to 4 tonnes per week. 

Villas / Bungalows: up to 6 tonnes per week.

Meter readings will be taken at the beginning and end of your stay. Excess usage will be charged at  15 TL per tonne. 



Arrival and Departure


You can check in any time after 2pm on the day of your arrival. Please check out by midday at the  latest on departure day (or by special arrangement if your flight arrives early or departs late).  Directions to the property and details of where to pick up the keys will be sent to you 14 days  before your arrival. Our Property Manager will pop round as soon after your arrival as possible  (during office hours) and will be your point of contact during your stay, should you require  assistance. If you would like to keep an eye on the electricity and water meters during your stay,  please ask her to show you where they are located. On departure, please turn everything off, close  all windows and doors and return the key to the place where you found it.


Check out


The check-out time is 11 am if the time is exceeded the client will be charged for extra hours. We reserve the right to charge for any additional guests (over and above the number stated on your  original booking request). Our management team may apply extra charges for dealing with out-of hours calls, excessive cleaning after you leave, failure to dispose of rubbish on departure, or other  services not included in these standard Booking Terms. We will notify you soon after your holiday if  any charges have been applied, and these may be deducted from your deposit refund.


Additional Services

We can provide a welcome pack for your arrival:

Standard Welcome Pack @ £35: includes water, tea, coffee, bread, butter, jam, milk, eggs, cheese,  yoghurt, fruit juice, sugar and a bottle of wine (red, white or rose) 

VIP Welcome Pack @ £55: as above + Fruit, biscuits, cereal, beer and a soft drink  To order, please email rentals@carringtoncyprus.com This can be paid on arrival.



Airport Transfers & Car Hire


We have our own in-house airport transfers and car hire services. To book these, please complete  the booking form (attached separately), well in advance of your holiday (cars get very booked up in  the summer months, especially 7-seaters). Please see below a price guide for these. 


Airport  Cost  Approx Transfer Time
Ercan/Lefkoşa (north side)  £35 each way  45 mins
Larnaca (south side)  £55 each way  70 mins
Paphos (south side)  £120 each way  150 mins
Car hire – Ford Fiesta,  Focus, B Max, C Max from £14 /day Nov – Feb,  £15 Mar to May, £19 Jun to Oct drivers must be between 23  and 73 years old and have  held a licence for at least 5  years. Driving is on the left.  No payment is due before  arrival.


Please note that this rental property is situated on the North side of the island of Cyprus – the Turkish  part. You can fly into ERCAN (sometimes called LEFKOSA) in the North, or you can fly into the  South side – the Greek part – into Larnaca or Paphos airports. There is no problem for taxis to pass  the border these days, so we can arrange these from any Cyprus airport.

There are, however, insurance restrictions when driving a hire car over the border from the Greek  side to the Turkish side or vice versa. You need to get written permission to do so from the car hire  company and you will have to buy supplementary insurance at the border which will only cover you 

third party on the other side. This can be a problem at night if the insurance office is closed, as they  will not let you across without this and it could result in your being stuck there. Also, if you are  unlucky enough to break down or have an accident on the other side, then you may find that help is  not easily at hand and you may personally incur costs to recover the vehicle to the side where it came  from. All in all, not recommended. It is safer to take a taxi from the airport and arrange a hire car to  be delivered to the property on arrival or the following morning.




Carrington Group and the owners of the rental properties will not accept liability for any accident,  loss or damage incurred by guests. Please be particularly aware of swimming pool safety at all times,  especially with young children. We recommend you take out independent travel insurance to cover  your holiday booking.





If you have any questions about this Agreement please contact us at:

Sea Magic Park, Esentepe, North Cyprus 99400

Tel. +90 548 822 22 44

Email: admin@carringtoncyprus.com



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